Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Letters, music & Deathmask!

We now have materials we will be displaying in the lobby before and during the April 3 concert from the Beethoven Center and Library of Congress finalized, and it is a really interesting list.

Here are some of the items to look for--you can read about these and the rest of the items we will display on our website in the Exhibit Guide before coming to see the exhibit!

By and about Mendelssohn from the Library of Congress:

•The first page of a letter and a drawing from Mendelssoh to his collaborator/friend Edward Devrient
•A portrait of Mendelssohn
•The first page of the Octet manuscript
By and about Beethoven from the Beethoven Center at San Jose State University:

•A replica of Beethoven's death mask
•The first edition of the score of Beethoven's Quartet Opus 135 (which will be performed on April 3 by the Cypress)
•Two original manuscript letters from Beethoven to his publishers
•Ivory tokens used as tickets to the Beethoven Quartet Society, which was established in 1845
Make sure you buy your tickets early for the concert on April 3 at the Herbst Theatre, and see the exhibit before it or during the intermission!

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